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by Manora

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Dreamshapes 05:00
Far from home she wanders Through clouds and bright blue skies Oh how I wished to see the world through her blue eyes The endless shapes Of her imaginary world A distant song composed of wonder and stranger chords   [Chorus:] Don’t try to understand The mind is like a maze We are all fighting our own demons in different ways My dreams will guide my way Through shadows and through light Imagination is the power inside my mind   Seeing brighter than ever When her head’s in the clouds Free from her past of broken promises and doubts Feels like she’ll live Forever in her dreams I could never reach her if I tried   [Chorus] Open your eyes, you will be free When you believe in fantasy Don’t try to hide, from all your fears This is the dream in which we all belong [Chorus 2x]
Endgame 04:34
The fire is dwindling the last ember fades the path we are crossing a confusing maze a hand on my shoulder helps me see it bright if we try we'll make it we will win this fight [Pre-chorus:] We can’t deny the dangers that we’re in We have to fight and we might die trying [Chorus:] Marching on a steady pace, destiny we have to face The time is now the end is near, we will be free We know we will find a way, they will not beat us today Brace yourself prepare to fight, we will succeed The men sick and famished our weapons gone dull The draught and the hunger are taking their toll Now crossing this mountain the crest lies behind We stand we are ready for what we may find [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] We are stronger than our enemy We are legion we are one We will get right where we want to be We will fight until the end [Chorus]
Empty house old photograph, cracks in the wall life faded fast I saw it as I closed my eyes Not a soul left to be seen, life and hell stuck in between I reached for you but you wouldn't listen   I woke up and ran to you [Chorus:] I have seen it, please believe me Reunited we need to change the hands of time Raise our voices, make our choices, For a time of change   Rusty swingset in the square, childrens' laughter filled the air I couldn't hear them in my dream Life got torn by hate and greed and it sowed it's hateful seed Blanket of ash bestowed upon us You woke up and fought with me [Chorus] [Instrumental] [Chorus] Time of change Time of change Time of change!
You have seen so many things, it's all in your mind Raging on towards me Screaming out for answers that you know you won't find And you're becoming blind to see Please let it go, now set it free and breathe in [Chorus:] Oh beacon, beacon of hope enlighten Enlighten my soul release my sorrows Please keep me from my nightmares Take me back and unwind the day Every time you close your eyes the movie begins And it's hard to exit You have been so quiet and so cold ever since And you're about to forfeit Please let it go, now set it free and breathe in [Chorus] Time will reveal, truth will be clear as day Faith shall be sealed, so come to see what may Minds are soiled, by greed and spoil, blind to see All be burned, for times will turn If you could only see, only see The world in a state of dissolution From the moonlight into the daylight Humanity ceases to exist The price we pay for our ignorance Will be fatal for mankind [Chorus 2x]
Restless heart, the conquer in me beckons Feed that cry, the need to be free Where to start? From the road I recognized That distant world is now revealed to me [Pre-chorus:] The path we choose may lurk with dangers The end unknown, but won’t you dare to live? This is the chance to start anew With this endeavor [Chorus:] Beyond my horizons, to vow in chromic tones of light To find my path upon the map of life And every road divulges surprises yet it’s obvious to see What lies behind, the sloping hills that pass me by and what calls deep in the shady vale? The breeze is thick, of forest dew and whispers cry So ominous, and yet so very frail [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] [Instrumental] [Chorus]


released September 1, 2017

Vocals by Mirte van der Ham
Guitars and orchestrals by Ivo Visser
Keyboards and orchestrals by Arthur Stok
Drums by Tijn Scholtze
Bass by Tomasz Kisielewicz

Recorded at our home studios
Mixing and mastering by Ivo Visser

Grunts in “Beacon Of Hope” by Mark Rog
Photography by Sherley Freke
Additional vocal recordings by Jens van der Ham


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Manora Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Manora is a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands.
Their sound is characterized by clean vocals and catchy melodies while maintaining a metal foundation.
The combination of the typical symphonic metal ingredients and their own sound allows the band to claim their space in the symphonic metal spectrum.
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